Tuesday Night Clock Group keeps time ticking

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They say even a stopped clock is right twice a day – but for a group of dedicated men and women in Gwinnett County, twice a day just isn't enough.

The Tuesday Night Clock Group is an offshoot of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors, and meets for a few hours every Tuesday evening at Berkmar High School in Lilburn. 

There, they take broken clocks apart, fix them, and put them back together – literally stopping and starting the hands of time.  "We share tools, we share knowledge," says coordinator Randy Grunwell.  "It's somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle.  But every wheel has to go to a pinion, and every pinion has to go to a wheel."

The skill of antique mechanical clock repair is one that members of the group are keen to pass on to others. They welcome people to bring their broken clocks to the school on Tuesday nights – but stress they won't do all the work themselves. The goal is to teach owners to make their own repairs.  "It looks a lot more complex than it really is," says Grunwell of learning to fix clocks.

The Tuesday Night Clock Group meets from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. most Tuesday evenings at Berkmar High School, located at 405 Pleasant Hill Road in Lilburn.