Trendy thrift store opens to support single moms

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Transitions Resale Boutique is opening its doors in Canton to help single moms get back on their feet. The store sells gently-used and new donated items, and the proceeds will benefit Serenade Heights. The non-profit is a transitional home for single mothers trying to create a better life for themselves and their children.

Nancy Tucker created the store to help Serenade Heights expand. "Unfortunately single moms make up the majority of the homeless population in Cherokee County," Tucker said. Shopping at Transitions Resale Boutique could help put a stop to that trend.

"This is shopping with a purpose," Tucker said. "If I were a shopper, I would want to shop at a place where the money is gonna go to assist people in our community who really need some assistance."

Single mom Amber Garner are grateful for places like Serenade Heights. Garner now lives in one of the Serenade Heights homes with her two children, but before that, she struggled with homelessness. "It is the biggest gift that I've ever received to transition to a place like Serenade Heights, so I don't have to go back to an old relationship and don't have to do things that I don't wanna do." Garner said.

Now that Serenade Heights could be expanding, Garner said she couldn't be happier to see more moms like her get help. "My heart is really really grateful that people pour in their time and effort and donate items like this because this is what you would see in an upscale boutique," Garner said.

 The boutique will hold its grand opening September 27th, and the women ask that you come by and "shop with a purpose."

"We need people to come in and buy things that they would already buy somewhere else," Garner said. She knows that this will, "support these women so they can dream again and build their families the way they would if they could."

If you'd like to shop or donate items to Transitions Resale Boutique, the grand opening is September 27th.

The store is located at:

481 E. Main Street 
Canton, Georgia 30114

Right now, the store is asking for women's clothing, jewelry, shoes and any other donations that are appropriate for the fall season. The need for donations is ongoing, and if you have non-seasonal items or furniture you'd like to donate, please call: (770) 224-6822.