Support Canine Assistants by sending a Valentine's Day 'PuppyGram'

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As many of you know, FOX 5 is partnering with Canine Assistants to help teach Max, a Golden Retriever, to become a service dog for a veteran in need. 

This Valentine's Day, Canine Assistants is offering an adorable way to send "something sweet" to the special someone in your life via a "PuppyGram." 

The digital cards include a cute picture of a Canine Assistants puppy along with Valentine's Day themed greetings. The non-profit has set up a page on its website for anyone interesting in buying one. 

"When you purchase a PuppyGram, you are supporting the future service dogs at Canine Assistants." 

Click here to buy and send a PuppyGram to one of your loved ones

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