Stars set high bar for 'The Four: Battle For Stardom'

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You’ve seen plenty of singing competitions on television, but record executive Charlie Walk says “The Four: Battle For Stardom” is something else entirely:  “It's an artist's competition, not a singing competition. They're artists. They were born that way. They compete at the highest level,” he says.

“The Four: Battle For Stardom” is a new six-week FOX series featuring Walk and music superstars Sean “Diddy” Combes, Meghan Trainor, and DJ Khaled as a panel of experts guiding young artists as they compete to become music’s next superstar.  Hosted by Grammy-winner Fergie, the series showcases four talented and competitive singers, chosen from their auditions by the show’s panel of music industry experts, who must try to defend their spots on the stage as a batch of new singers challenging them each week.  At the very end of the six weeks, The Four must battle each other, leaving only one winner.  As for what the experts are listening for in each new contestant, Combs says, “Emotion.  And I'm not talking about the emotion from the artist as much as the emotion I feel as a listener, as someone who's watching.”

Thanks to FOX Publicity, Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken recently traveled to Los Angeles to chat with the stars of “The Four: Battle For Stardom” and learn more about what makes the show so unique.  And don’t miss a single episode of “The Four: Battle For Stardom” every Thursday at 8:00 p.m. right here on FOX 5 Atlanta.