Spring Break Adventures: ElectroBike BeltLine Rentals

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It's been a busy week for Good Day Atlanta's Paul Milliken and photographer Blaze Meier, as they've driven up and down the state searching for unique Spring Break Adventure ideas.  And after driving all the way to Georgia's "Little Grand Canyon" -- not to mention driving around in tanks! -- the guys decided it was time to ditch the FOX 5 News van and spend a day on two wheels instead of four.

Wednesday morning's Spring Break Adventure was a trip to the Atlanta BeltLine and ElectroBike Georgia, which rents e-bikes to men, women, and children who want to experience a cool and efficient way to explore the city.  In case you've never seen one, an e-bike is an electric bike which can be used for traditional pedaling, but can also give riders a "power boost" by assisting in the pedaling.  The folks at ElectroBike Georgia say e-bikes allow you to bike further and travel over hills much easier, and along with selling e-bikes at their location on Briarcliff Road in Atlanta, they've begin renting them at a shop at The Irwin Street Market along the Atlanta BeltLine.  E-bike rentals range from $20 for an hour to $70 per day, and include a helmet; rides under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Click the video to see how Paul did on his very first experience with an e-bike -- and stay tuned for more Spring Break Adventures the rest of the week!