Paul Milliken takes over the Wilson Football Factory

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There’s plenty to see and do at the Super Bowl Experience Driven by Hyundai – which has taken over the Georgia World Congress Center this week – and when we heard legendary brand Wilson was setting up a mobile football-making factory, we knew we had to spend some time checking it out.  But little did we guess that Paul Milliken would end up in a head-to-head battle with one of the company’s top lacers!

The Wilson Football Factory gives fans a chance to see just how footballs are made – and contrary to what you probably think, most of the work is still done by hand.  Staffers say about 90% of the process is done by human hands at the company’s Ada, Ohio facility, including sewing together each half of the football, lacing them up, and molding them into the recognizable shape that NFL fans and players expect. 

Team logos are then etched onto the footballs with a machine that’s basically a big laser printer for footballs!  Wilson’s history with the NFL, by the way, stretches all the way back to the beginning – and every single point in an NFL game since 1941 has been scored with a Wilson football.

So, Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken decided to spend the morning checking out the Wilson Football Factory and during his first live segment, made a joke about challenging employee Deb – who laces Wilson footballs by hand – to a competition.  Well, by the time Paul showed up on Good Day Atlanta for his second segment, he and Deb were full-on trash talking – and decided to battle it out on live television.

SPOILER ALERT – Deb crushed him!  Click the video player above to see how it all went down!