Hiking into the new year at Georgia's state parks

Whether your New Year’s resolution involves losing weight, saving money, or adding some adventure to your life, Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites can help get your 2019 off to the right start with a traditional First Day Hike.

Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken spent the morning at Red Top Mountain State Park on Lake Altoona in Bartow County, exploring the beautiful 1,776-acre park and learning more about the First Day Hike there.  First Day Hikes are traditionally offered by just about every one of Georgia’s State Parks, giving visitors a chance to get a little exercise and explore the state’s treasures with a park ranger.  Best of all, like just about every activity at Georgia’s state parks, there’s just a $5 parking fee to participate.

For a full listing of First Day Hikes happening here in Georgia, click here. And to see more of Paul’s adventure at Red Top Mountain State Park, click the video player above!