Good Day Atlatanta viewer information Sept. 26, 2017

Tamar Braxton on Good Day Atlanta: Tamar Braxton is about to release her fourth album, Bluebird of Happiness,  and go out on tour with Xscape and Monica.  She's also got two reality TV shows, Tamar and Vince and Braxton Family Values.  She stopped by Good Day Atlanta to talk about her latest single "Blind," and update us on her latest career moves. 


Bulla Gastrobar demonstrates how to make a traditional paella recipe on Good Day Atlanta.   Bulla just opened in Atlanta and specializes in tapas style dining.  For more information on Bulla Gastrobar click here.  

For today's recipe see below:

Traditional Paella (Requires Paella Pan or Iron Skillet):

2 oz. Blended Oil
9 Jumbo Shrimp
6 Clams
2 Prawns (Heads On)
6 oz Calamari (Rings & Tentacles)
1 cup Rice
Picada - 1/2 cup - Equal Parts Chopped Red & Green Bell Peppers, Onions; 1 tsp. Paprika, Minced Fresh Garlic & Chopped Parsley
1  tsp. Kosher Salt
¼ tsp. Saffron
2.5 cups Fish Stock (Fish Fumet)

Blended Oil
Lemon Wedges (2) for Garnish


1. Place the paella pan on the stove top over high heat. Wait until paella pan is very hot.

2. Add the blended oil & shrimp. Sear shrimp lightly on both sides (15-20 seconds each side on a very hot paella pan). Remove with a perforated spoon and reserve. Add calamari, and spread out evenly so no calamari is on top of another.  Allow to cook until the calamari obtains a golden color.  This will take about 1 to 3 minutes, depending on how much water the calamari releases.  At this point, stir the calamari to make sure they are evenly seared.   Add the rice first, then picada, then saffron and kosher salt. Stir the rice for 20-30 seconds until all the ingredients are fully combined.

3. Add fish fumet. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium. Cook until the liquid is as high as the rice, for approximately 7 minutes. You will see a light simmer throughout this process. About halfway through the process add the clams open side facing up.

4. Remove from heat and add shrimp so they protrude from top of the rice by 1/4 inch. Place the paella pan in the oven at 400 degrees until rice is lightly softer then al dente, approximately 6-9 minutes depending on oven temperature. Remove paella, and let it rest for 4-5 minutes. 

5. When the paella is removed for the oven and begins to rest, place a sauté pan on the stove. Once pan is hot, add blended oil. Season prawns with kosher salt, and cook until shrimp is cooked through without overcooking.

6. Place prawns on top of paella, one on top of each other. Place two lemons sliced on the edge of the paella pan.

•    Stirring the rice with the ingredients before adding the fish fumet is critical to the flavor. Very important step to Spanish Paella making.
•    Cooking the squid on a hot pan ensures that the calamari doesn't have rubbery/boiled texture.
•    Letting the paella rest 2-3 minutes is very important. This will allow the fumet to have a more creamy texture and properly coat each one of the grains. This will give enough time to cook the prawns while the paella rests.