Good Day Atlanta viewer information August 19, 2019

Dish: The Darwin Chicken Sandwich
(All ounce measurements are by volume.)
For sandwich:
1 Hamburger Bun
1 Chicken Thigh- pounded, brined, buttermilk brined, dredged 
1 oz Nuoc Cham
2 cups Seasoned Flour
3-4 Brussels Sprouts, trimmed and quartered
½ oz Roasted Jalapeno Mayo
2 sprigs Thai Basil, picked (no stem)
2 sprigs Mint, picked (no stem)
2 cups Canola Oil, heated to 350F
2T Canola Oil for roasting Brussels
1 cup Buttermilk

Nuoc Cham: 
2T Three Crabs Fish Sauce
2T Rice Wine Vinegar
2T Warm Water
2T Sugar
1 Shallot, minced
½ Jalapeno, minced
1 Garlic Clove, minced

Roasted Jalapeno Mayo: 
2 Whole Jalapenos, roasted & peeled
½ bunch Cilantro, rough chopped
¼ cup Mushroom Soy
1 cup Duke’s Mayo
Splash Rice Wine Vinegar

Chicken Brine:
½ gal. warm water 
2/3 gallon ice
2 c. kosher salt
1 lb. brown sugar
1 c. molasses
3 bay leaves
3 pieces Star Anise, whole
1 Tbls. black peppercorns, whole

1.    in a plastic container combine the salt, brown sugar, molasses, bay leaves, allspice and peppercorns.  
2.    while the water is still warm with the ice rapidly melting, pour over the other ingredients and whisk to dissolve the sugar.  
3.    the ice should be melting and cool the liquid down to be ready to use.
4.    make sure to only use brine when it is completely cooled so as to not warm up the protein being used, thus promoting bacteria growth

Seasoned Flour (Chicken Dredge):
6 cups AP Flour
1 oz Paprika
.5 oz Star Anise, finely ground
.5 oz White Pepper, finely ground
1oz Kosher Salt
.5oz Garlic Powder
.5oz Onions Powder
.25oz Dried Sage
.25oz Cayenne Pepper

To assemble sandwich:
Pound chicken thigh to around ½ inch thick, the thickness should be consistent to ensure even frying. Place pounded chicken thigh in brine for at least 6 hours. Remove chicken from brine and cover with buttermilk for at least an hour. Dredge the chicken, shake excess seasoned flour from thigh and place in fridge while 2 cups canola heat in pan. 

In another pan, heat the 2T Canola on high. Once shimmering and VERY hot, add Brussels allowing them to sear on each side for about 2 minutes per side. Once they’ve been charred and well-colored, place them in a bowl and toss with Nuoc Cham, Thai Basil and Mint. Set aside for service.  

Fry chicken in 350F oil, once cooked through and golden brown, place onto some paper towels to drain. Place on toasted hamburger bun, top with dressed Brussels and Jalapeno Mayo. Serve.

Additional Info:
Steinbeck’s is home to one of the 20 best burgers in Atlanta according Atlanta Magazine. The restaurant boasts a laidback, old-school vibe while serving creative pub fare and unique beers. Menu items include a burger, chicken sandwich, spicy Chengdu noodles and umami fries. For more information, please visit