Good Day Atlanta viewer information August 15, 2017

Back to School Fashions at Kidsignments Fall Sale:   We shouldn’t even have to say this, but we will: Back to school shopping is expensive.  But thanks to consignment events like the twice-yearly Kidsignments, it doesn’t have to be.


The Kidsignments Fall Sale opens Tuesday, August 15th, and continues through Saturday the 19th.  The event takes place at the Gwinnett County Fairgrounds, filling up two large buildings with tens of thousands of gently used items for infants, toddlers, children, and teens.  The buildings are organized into sections including clothing, toys, books, baby equipment, maternity clothes and more, and the Fall sale particularly stocks items parents will need for back-to-school shopping.  As the week goes on, discounts get deeper – with select items marked 25% off on Thursday and Friday, and 50% off on Saturday.


Good Day Atlanta’s Paul Milliken decided to turn this year’s Kidsignments in a fashion show, and recruited some young models to show off the kind of back-to-school looks parents can find by raiding consignment racks. 




The Iberian Pig is set to open up its second location at the new Mercedes-Benz Statdium.  Chef Eric Roberts  joins us on Good Day Atlanta this morning with a preview of the menu and will demonstrate how to cook braised pork cheeks with corns salsa and avocado crema.  For more information on The Iberian Pig click here.  For today's recipe see below.   


Braised Pork Cheeks

The Iberian Pig

Executive chef, Eric Roberts


·         10 lbs pork cheeks

·         6 yellow onions

·         1 head of celery

·         6 large tomatoes

·         6 large carrots

·         6 bay leaves

·         ½ gallon vegetable stock

·         Salt


1.      Salt the pork cheeks heavily and sear them in a sauté pan. When they have browned nicely all-around place them in a braising dish.

2.      In the same pan add the vegetables and sweat them down. Add the bay leaves and deglaze the pan with a little of the stock.

3.      Once the vegetables are cooked through add them to the container with the pork cheeks. Add the remainder of the stock to almost cover the pork.

4.      Cover the container and cook in the oven at 275 degrees for 6 hours.

5.      The pork cheeks should pull apart easily once it is cooked. Adjust the seasoning with salt.


Corn Salsa

The Iberian Pig

Executive chef, Eric Roberts


·         10 ears corn, grilled and cut off cob

·         2 cups chopped piquillo peppers

·         1 cup chopped shallots

·         ½ cup chopped parsley

·         Salt

·         Pepper

Avocado crema

The Iberian Pig

Executive chef, Eric Roberts


·         4 avocados

·         2 limes (juiced)

·         1/4 red onion

·         1 roasted jalapeno (no seeds)

·         ½ cup extra virgin olive oil

·         ½ bunch of parsley

·         1 bunch of cilantro

·         ½ cup water

 ll i    Add all ingredients in blender, emulsified with oil and water.