Firefighters help Cobb County woman give birth in kitchen

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Delivering a baby is tough, but imagine doing it on your kitchen floor.

A Cobb County mom did just that, and it was all caught on camera.

Elizabeth and Gordon Barfield thought time was on their side, but when they tried to get in the car to head to the hospital, they realized their little baby had no plans to wait. 

"We could tell the baby was coming," Elizabeth Barfield said. "We rushed back inside and our neighbor was here, Todd, and he called 911."

Gordon helped his wife lie on their kitchen floor with the family's Nest Cam capturing the whole thing on video.

Cobb County 911 dispatched firefighters to their home. Still, baby Vance didn't even want to wait on the first responders.

"I got him," Gordon can be heard saying on the video.

But the little boy wasn't breathing. Luckily, firefighters rushed in within seconds on him being born.

"That's just when training kicks in," Firefighter Jeff Poe said. 

"I said 'Hey, we've got this. It's all going to be OK.' Took the baby from them and then Steve and Jeff came after me. We just proceeded to do what we had to do," Cobb County engineer Scott Dick said.

And just like that, they all heard the sound every parent wants to here – Vance's first cry. Gordon even got to cut the umbilical cord.

Vance is now 1 year old and he loves all things firefighter-related – especially the three men who turned what was a frightening moment into a delivery no one will ever forget.

"To be able to be part of their family, it's an exciting time," Firefighter Steve Saylor said.

Elizabeth Barfield said she would be forever grateful for what the three firefighters did for her.

"We love them," she said. "They're part of this family. They can't get rid of us now!"