Burgers with Buck: The Palm

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of The Palm in Buckhead?

Prime aged steaks?  Jumbo whole lobster?  Classic Italian dishes?  Delicious desserts?  Hungry yet?

While any of the above are tremendous options, don’t forget this is Burgers With Buck.  And while we’re rarely accused of being fancy, bougie or dare I say, frou frou… we do appreciate a high quality burger that is really well done (and we’re not talking about the cook temperature).

When I was approached about featuring a burger at The Palm, my immediate thought was, I’m sure it’s really good, but I bet it is too expensive for #BWB.  I was half right.  The first half.

Second things first, the price. There are three different burger options on the menu at The Palm. They are the Canon Drive Burger which is served on a toasted English muffin, the Classic Cheeseburger served on toasted brioche, and the Bison Burger.  Now pay close attention to what I am about to tell you.  All three burgers are served with your choice of hand cut fries, or jicama slaw for the price of…

Wait for it… wait for it…


I know, I know there was a time when we all scoffed at the idea of paying that much for a burger, but those days are gone.  Think about it, burgers are hot and trendy, and the cost of quality ingredients is higher than ever.  Still, consider that you can go to one of the more high end restaurants in Atlanta and enjoy a delicious and fulfilling lunch for only 15 bucks.  Let’s face it, it’s easy to pay that much for lunch at the casual dining chain restaurant of your choice.

Sometimes it’s easy to overdo it by adding too many toppings to a burger that can take away from the flavor of really what should be the star of the show…the meat. That is not the case with the Bison Burger which was served with gouda cheese, caramelized onions, and a side of house made BBQ sauce.  The toppings enhanced the flavor of the Bison pattie rather than competing with it.

While The Palm will always be a great place to go for lobster (they have a special running through the end of the month), steaks, desserts and Italian dishes…it is also a great place to go for a burger, and BWB #143 gets a thumbs up.  Think about it, if you’re known for great steaks, you can’t very well serve an average burger, and this one is definitely not.

For more information on The Palm including the location, the menu, and the hours of operation… go to their website, https://www.thepalm.com/restaurants/atlanta/ . And, as always, if you have a favorite burger that you would like to see featured on, tell me about it on https://www.facebook.com/BuckFOX5 or https://twitter.com/BuckFOX5, and don't forget to use the hash tag #BurgersWithBuck and/or #BWB.