Burgers with Buck: The Lawrence

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Who is your favorite famous Larry?  Bird?  The Cable Guy?  Fine? (of Three Stooges fame).  Or maybe your partial to Larry King, Larry David, or maybe even Larry Winokur.  

Who you ask?  

Winokur is a charter member of the #BurgersWithBuck staff, serving as Chief Editor since the inception of the segment some 67 burgers ago.  

Now #TheLarryBurger from The Lawrence in Midtown Atlanta may or may not have been named after Winokur, but what is certain is that this week's unique burger gave him an opportunity to give you a rare look behind the scenes at #BWB.

So the Larry Burger consists of two 3.5 ounce beef and pork patties, two slices of American cheese, bacon, pickles, caramelized onions, lettuce, mustard, and Larry Sauce.  

It is the only burger on the menu at The Lawrence, and maybe the only burger #BWB's Winokur will ever eat again.  

#TheLarry is not only delicious, but if you click on the story, you'll see the first-of-its-kind, #BurgersWithBuck thumbs up it received.

For more information on The Lawrence including the menu and business hours, go to their website http://www.thelawrenceatlanta.com/.

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