Burgers with Buck: Buckhead Diner

It is a great restaurant and an iconic Atlanta landmark, but don't let the name fool you. 

Buckhead Diner looks like a classic diner on the outside, but on the inside is where diner meets fine dining. Despite the fact that it really isn't what you likely think of when you picture a classic American diner, they do have some classic diner fare on the menu, and that is what attracted Burgers With Buck, or should we say Burgers With Buckhead Diner.

Growing up in Atlanta, yours truly has been to Buckhead Diner on many occasions, but never had a burger there...until now. (Still trying to figure out what I was thinking.) The Salute to the South Burger is a good one. It starts with a one-half pound patty of their signature chuck, brisket and short rib blend, and is served on a freshly made Buckhead Bread Company bun. On top of the patty is a perfectly fried pimento cheese fritter that oozes goodness when you bite into it (Yes, it is awesome!) Add to that their house made bacon/onion jam and their signature Buckhead Diner steak sauce and you get a very memorable burger experience.

While I normally stick to burgers, I'm going to make an exception this week and recommend an appetizer and dessert. For me, it's impossible to eat at Buckhead Diner without ordering their original Warm Blue Cheese Chips which they have been serving since 1987. And while I rarely opt for dessert, it is hard not to order their huge White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie...emphasis on HUGE.

For more information about Buckhead Diner, including the menu, location, and special events, click here.

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