Buford 'cat house' keeps adoption-ready animals safe

It’s called La Maison du Chat — which is French for “cat house.”  And never was a place more appropriately named, considering the Buford facility houses dozens of rescue kitties waiting to find their forever families.

The Good Day feature team spent the morning with the folks from CatRangers, a nonprofit organization which rescues cats and houses them until they are adopted. 

CatRangers primarily operates out of La Maison du Chat — and trust us, this place is a cat lover’s dream.  The “house” not only serves as a residence for more than 50 free-roaming cats, but is also open to human beings who want to come visit them. 

Visitors can stop in for some coffee or tea and free WiFi, while getting some snuggles in with some of the sanctuary’s friendlier animals — and La Maison du Chat is also available for use as a special event venue. 

Of course, the ultimate goal is that visitors will fall in love with the resident kitties and take them home, finding happily-ever-afters for the animals being given a “last chance” by CatRangers.  

La Maison du Chat is located at 289 West Shadburn Avenue in Buford.  Those interested in adoption can see pictures of the cats and download adoptions forms by clicking on the CatRangers website here.

You already know the Good Day Atlanta team is a big fan of pets — after all, we’ve been doing the Pet of the Day segments for years. So it was only natural that we’d end up spending some time at Buford’s very own cat house, sipping some coffee and meeting the animals who might just be the family member you’ve been waiting for!