KROD: The courage to lead

So, I was deleting old photos from my phone today (your humble FOX 5 Sports Anchor has had a lot of time to burn this week!), and I came upon pictures I took of an amazing sculpture on the campus of the University of Arkansas last summer.

This remarkable work of art depicts three Native American warriors preparing for battle by shooting arrows into the night sky, then sitting still and waiting as the arrows fall back down to earth as a show of their bravery and courage.   —gives me chill bumps just thinking about it!

Could you do that?

I guess you could say that the sculpture re-inspired me today.  My television had been on the news all day and frankly, it was wearing on me.

Today, I heard about canceled weddings and proms.

High school kids trying to earn scholarships have been affected.

College graduates looking to take that first big step out into the world have been jolted.

Jobs are being lost.

The stock market seems to be a black hole!

Our lives have been disrupted.

But not our spiritual lives!

I believe that is what this sculpture was saying to me today!

Now, this in no way is a substitute for my religious faith.  I am a Christian, and spiritually I am at peace.  But it stirred me, if only for its symbolic meaning. I found myself turning back to this sculpture as a call to be stronger —to be a warrior!

It was called the Sacred Arrow Ceremony.

The plaque on the base of the sculpture reads:

"Courage to Lead"

I believe this is our moment.

The greatest generation is justly admired for their battles with the Great Depression and World War II.

For many, 9/11 gave birth to a newfound love and appreciation of our country.

But this is our moment.

The nation needs people with the courage to lead by example.

Be a leader.

Be kind.

Be helpful.

We are Americans.  This is what we do!