Workers attacked and stabbed after trying to quit job

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Henry County Police said two workers were stabbed when they tried to quit. The boss was arrested but police said it's his son who's in even bigger trouble with the law.

Police are looking for 22-year-old Samuel Espinoza Escamillia. He was accused of stabbing two men. Those men, police said, tried to walk off the job, but instead ended up in the hospital.

Police said it happened in the Audubon Estates Mobile Home Park in McDonough. Police said the two stabbing victims were working as laborers for 44-year-old Nabor Espinoza. Police said when the two men tried to walk off the job, Espinoza became violent.

Police said when Samuel Espinoza Escamillia saw the men fighting with his father, he grabbed a large knife and stabbed both men. Police said one of the men suffered serious wounds.

Police said anyone with information on where they can find Samuel Espinoza Escamillia should call the Henry County Police Department. He is wanted on multiple felony warrants. He faces charges of aggravated assault.

Police said the father, Nabor Espinoza, was arrested right away and taken to jail. He was charged with battery.