Woman Praises Officer After Dog Rescue

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Photo Credit: Asia Callier

A Smyrna resident and officer went beyond the call of duty to save one dog in need on Saturday.

Smyrna resident Asia Callier was on her way home from the market with her son when they turned into their neighborhood and came upon a small dog on the side of the road.   

“I got out of my car to help the poor dog and as I got closer, I screamed because of all the open sores on his neck and chest.  After seeing him, I was brought to tears,” said Callier. 

Callier immediately called 9-1-1 for help and within minutes, Smyrna Police Officer Haygood arrived on the scene.  “Officer Haygood calmed the dog as I went to get water for him.  We wrapped the dog in a small red blanket to keep him warm and the dog eventually fell asleep in the officer’s hand,” said Callier.

“I’m thankful for this kind hearted Smyrna officer that not only swayed the dog from hiding under my car, but stayed and cared for him while we waited for over an hour for Cobb County Animal Control. Good cops don’t get recognized enough,” said Callier.

Callier told FOX 5 that she is hoping to adopt the dog.

**UPDATE** FOX 5 checked in with the Cobb County Animal Shelter and spoke with the communications officer within the past few days. They let us know that they had taken the dog to the emergency vet for evaluation. Unfortunately, the vet decided to euthanize the dog due to the severity of it's injuries ~ not to have him suffer.