Woman ducks for cover during shootout near skating rink

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A woman is calling for enhanced security after a shootout near Cascade Skating Rink in southwest Atlanta.

Shenika Brown says she was leaving the business just after midnight Monday when she heard gunfire. She says she and her friend ducked for cover. Once Brown crossed Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, she says she found at least one bullet hole stuck in her car and a front window with shattered glass.

"Had I been five minutes earlier, I would have been in my car and that would have been me..." Brown said. "...Those were stray bullets going everywhere so anyone could have gotten killed."

Atlanta Police told FOX 5 they're investigating the incident. Police also said late Monday that it's unclear if the shooting happened in the skating rink's parking lot, the intersection or in the lot of a gas station across the street. They added detectives questioned a group of people seen leaving the scene at a high rate of speed.

However, all of the people were released after questioning and no evidence of a weapon was found in their vehicle, according to a police spokesperson.