Wild ride as law enforcement chase man on 4-wheeler

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A wild ride as Georgia State Troopers and Bartow County Sheriff's Deputies chase a man on a 4-wheeler.  In the dash cam video, the driver is seen taking quick turns and going on and off the road as he tries to get away. 

State Troopers tried to pull over 21-year-old Skyler Hannah around 1 am January 10.  But Hannah had the advantage of being able to go off-road. Troopers lost him in the woods. 

"He just rode up there in the woods, on a 4-wheel trail.  The police officers told his momma he got away, then he came back out and that's when they got behind him again," said Hannah's friend, Landon Bennett.

30 minutes later, a Bartow County Sheriff's Deputy saw the ATV zoom by and went after it.  State Troopers caught up with them and once again joined the chase. 

"I assume they were behind him because he didn't have a helmet on, and once they flipped their lights it probably scared him so that's probably why he went," said Hannah's friend Cait Cornwell. 

Eventually, Hannah wrecked the 4-wheeler, the dash cam shows the vehicle rolling on its side on Center Road.  Hannah got up and took off running through the woods.  Hannah was tased and tackled and hauled off to jail.  Bartow County deputies say he faces a long list of charges between the Sheriff's Office and GSP, including Obstruction, Fleeing, Possession of a Firearm, Possession of Marijuana and DUI.

Hannah told FOX 5's Denise Dillon he wasn't trying to hurt anyone.  

"I was at a friend's house and was just trying to go home," said Hannah.