Wild bear 'taunts' Acworth neighborhood

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A Cobb County neighborhood says their bird feeders and backyards are being raided by a black bear. FOX 5 News received photos and video from neighbors in the Centennial Creek neighborhood showing the bear bending over bird feeders to grab a late-night snack.

To date, the bear has not caused any known issues to pets or humans, neighbors say. However, it appears the bear has found favorable living conditions with backyard feeding stations and a nearby creek.

"What can we say, it likes our neighborhood," says Kelly Westermann, a neighbor that caught the bear on camera.

"At first we thought it was large raccoons, and we did not know for weeks that it was actually a bear" Westermann noted.

Neighbors have contacted wildlife officials that say they do not plan to trap the animal. In the meantime, residents are being advised to remove pet food dishes and bird feeders from backyards to help deter the animal.