#WhyIWearTheBadge: Atlanta Police Share Personal Stories

Some on the force at the Atlanta Police Department want you to know why the wear their badge.

APD uploaded a YouTube video featuring Deputy Chief Darryl Tolleson, Sgt. David Tolleson, and Officer Mark Smith telling a brief personal story.

"Now is a critical time for police who can be tough on crime, but fair and compassionate with the citizens," said Officer Smith.

"There's an old saying in our police department: 'You can sit around complaining about what's wrong with the world or you can do something to help fix it.' I chose to help fix it," Sgt. David Tolleson proclaimed in the video

"I believe policing is one of America's most noble professions," said Deputy Chief Darryl Tolleson.

The Atlanta Police Department has joined other law enforcement agencies across the nation using the hashtag #WhyIWearTheBadge to let citizens see who is behind the badge.

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