Victim thankful to be alive after being shot at during road rage incident

Tony Rome said he was driving in traffic on Interstate 285 on October 13 when he got into a confrontation with another driver.

“I jumped over in front of this one car and he got pissed off. Flicked me, I flicked him," he said.

Just a couple of minutes later, things escalated when they both got on eastbound Interstate 20.

“I turned around and I saw someone shooting at me through the window of their car," Rome said.

He said he put his seat all the way back to keep himself from getting hit by the bullet, even steering the wheel with his knees. He said he was shot in the wrist when he grabbed the steering wheel with his left arm.

“Once it hit the watch. The blood splashed in my face and my eyes so I really couldn’t see anyway getting off the exit," he said.

The other bullet hit the door handle but did not go through.

Tony Rome said he kept driving and pulled into a Chevron on Joseph E. Lowery Blvd to ask for help.

Police said the man with a mustache was driving a burgundy Chrysler 300 with a dark tint and black rims.

“These confrontations [happen] almost every day on the roads, but I ain’t never seen nobody just broad daylight try to kill you. That don’t make no sense. It’s a senseless crime," Rome said.

Rome says he’s thankful his wrist is the only part that was hit. He is expected to have surgery on Thursday to remove the bullet.

He said he has a message for the person who fired the shots.

“Try to control your temper, whoever you is, man. It wasn’t that serious. We both kings. We gotta live. I've got a family, I’m sure he got a family. I got kids. I’m sure he’s got kids. What you trying to take my life for?” Rome said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Atlanta Police Department.