Uber drivers picket City Hall over airport rides

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The world's busiest airport wants Uber and Lift drivers to be fingerprinted before picking up their passengers.

The company said visitors from the United States and around the world arrive at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport only to be disappointed when they can't get an Uber driver to pick them up.

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Airport officials said they want to require fingerprint based background checks before picking up at the airport.

Close to 100 drivers flooded City Hall Wednesday as the airport introduced their legislation which could also require all transportation companies to drive cars that were 7 years old or newer beginning next year.



Uber has countered by arguing their current comprehensive background check is sufficient, but airport officials disagree.

"Certainly what happened last week in Brussels has increased our intensity and focus on safety and security. Anyone who is trying to divert your attention from a third party based background check being just as sufficient as an FBI background check really doesn't have a realistic view of the world," according to airport spokesman Reese McCrainie.

The hot button issue will come up for debate again April 28.