Traffic tickets come back to haunt some Spalding County drivers

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Spalding County is working to fix a problem that has affected thousands of residents who got a ticket three years ago. Somehow, the tickets have resurfaced even though people paid them and in some cases, peoples drivers licenses have been suspended.

"You're at the mercy of a computer which is scary," said Chasen Wright.

This hasn't been an easy week for Wright. Monday, he received a letter in the mail telling him his driver’s license was suspended. Chasen, who hasn't had a ticket since 2004, knew it couldn't be true, but when he called to verify, he learned his license really was suspended.

"I got to thinking and I was afraid to pick up my son from school. I guess you see how important it is after it's taken away or put in jeopardy. I was really scared about that and got a little upset and trying to go up the chain, went all the way to the governor’s office. Finally, county helped when you called back," said Chasen.

The Spaulding County Clerk of Court said about 10,000 people were affected by what she called a software glitch. The software company said it is not an issue with the software. Spalding County State Court Judge Josh Thacker is expected to offer an explanation soon in the mix-up.

For Chasen, he just wants it resolved so he can go back to driving.

"If I get pulled over, is my son going to watch me taken off. I was really concerned. Told everyone they were laughing at me because I drive like a turtle, any way to just have one ticket it came back to haunt me all these years later. it's pretty funny but at the same time really serious," said Chasen.

The county said they are working to resolve the issue.