Touring the Gulf Coast 6 months after Hurricane Michael

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Photo: Richard Marlar / FOX 5 Atlanta Port St. Joe Marina

FOX 5 Atlanta's Richard Marlar recently toured part of the Florida Panhandle to see the damage and recovery efforts six months after Hurricane Michael ripped through Bay County last October.

The tour started in Gulf County and proceeded west into Bay County.

The damage is still considerable but so are the recovery efforts. The people of the region have come together in remarkable ways to rebuild their lives, homes, and businesses. So much remains to accomplish, but there has been a lot of progress moving the recovery process forward.

The severe destruction can be seen everywhere and is so bad in some spots, almost everything had to be removed. It is a remarkable feat of the residents still living there to pull together, survive and rebuild.

The above photo gallery shows just a little of the ongoing struggle Gulf Coast residents are going through to come back from the devastating force of mother nature. Some residents have expressed it will be better than ever and many demonstrating that sentiment using #850Strong.


FOX 5 Atlanta's Richard Marlar was on special assignment along the Florida Panhandle and reported on this story from Atlanta.