Tim Tebow's Night to Shine celebrated in Georgia and around the world

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Churches around the world celebrated a special prom night. Night to Shine honors teens and adults with special needs by giving them their own special night.

The Tim Tebow Foundation started Night to Shine five years ago and each year it's keeps growing. It started in 44 churches, now 700 churches around the world host the prom.  

Every guest is treated like royalty. It all starts as guests walk the red carpet to a cheering crowd. The ladies are pampered by make-up artists and hair stylists, the men get their shoes shined, and everyone is crowned King and Queen.

At NorthStar Church in Kennesaw, everyone was showing off their best moves on the dance floor. It was hard to miss Deric Johnson who danced the night away.

"I put my dance moves on, where did you learn those moves? I learned them by myself," said Deric Johnson.

Deric's buddy, Rebekah Mann, who was by his side all night had fun keeping up with him. 

"The whole night is about making your buddy be their best and have the best night of their whole life," said Mann.

Night to Shine is a prom experience like no other, giving the guests and volunteers a night they'll never forget. 

"What do you think of this night it's awesome!" said Will Bailey. 

"It's probably my favorite night, it's so great and I love spending time with Will and all the others and seeing the smiles on their faces," said Will's buddy, Emmy Peach.