Thieves steal car during graduation

Car thieves ruined graduation night for one South Fulton family.

April Williamson told FOX 5 News someone stole her 2014 CLA 250 Mercedes Benz right out of the Gwinnett Infinite Energy Center parking lot Sunday night.

Williamson was attending Langston Hughes High School's graduation ceremony.

"This happened on my son's graduation. I couldn't believe it," Williamson said.

Her wallet was in the vehicle when it was stolen.

"They have used my cards at a gas station at one o'clock in the morning in Buckhead so I'm hoping once they pull that footage they can find them," Williamson said.

Williamson's car is a deep purple, a distinctive color. She purchased it a few months ago and just wants it back.

"Just call it in and say I see this car parked here. I'm hoping they just dumped the car, ditched the car. If you see someone driving it, call police and I am offering a reward if someone can just turn in my car," Williamson said.