Test cooking the new Chick-Fil-A meal kit

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Guess who is getting on the meal kit train? Chick-Fil-A. Yes, the chicken fast-food giant is mixing up their take-home menu. And we get a sneak peek and taste test before it's available August 27.

Like most meal kits the ingredients arrive packaged with cooking instructions. You just open it up and cook. We made this meal twice. My husband, a great and experienced cook, gave it a go. And so did Zoey, a 12-year-old picky eater.

Let's let her begin.

"Today we're trying Chick-Fil-A's meal kit and we are doing the chicken parm from scratch. We have a lemon, parmesan, noodles, breadcrumbs, sauce, Alfredo sauce, the chicken and some low-fat yogurt."

The Chick-Fil-A kit is a meal for two and costs $15.89. There's no subscription because you pick it up at the actual restaurant locations.

My husband, an experienced cook who has tried many meal delivery kits, got to work on it. He added the yogurt to the chicken which came marinated.

Old hat to him, but all new to 12-year-old Zoey Cortes. She started by adding the panko breadcrumbs.

"So, that we'll have that crispy outer chicken layer."

While it's fried up, they get the veggies ready.

"The kit so far has been very easy to use. Simple. Direct," remarked our young cook.

Again this recipe is chicken parmigiana. When the meal kits hit Atlanta-area stores August 27th they will offer five different chicken dishes to prepare at home.

CHICK-FIL-A MEAL KITS:  Chicken parmesan, chicken enchiladas, pan roasted chicken, crispy Dijon chicken and flatbread chicken.

The seasoned older guy knocked the meals out in the allotted 30 minutes. The meal took Zoey a touch longer because, well, cooking is newer to her. Her chicken coating came off a bit.

"This is why they wanted you to use a nonstick pan," she said trying to piece it back together.

And she felt like an instruction was missing.

"The only thing I was unsure about is whether they had washed the vegetables beforehand. I was unsure so I did it myself."

While the veggies sauteed, the breaded chicken went into the oven covered in a very nice, already prepared tomato sauce with cheese. And this is great - the noodles are already cooked and just needed to be added to the pan.

In no time, the chicken is done.

"It's like chicken pizzas," Zoey said taking the baked chicken out of the oven.

Back at our house things looked delicious.

Zoey only ate the chicken. Veggies aren't her thing. At my house we devoured it. It was good. And this 12-year-old says it best.

"This was our Chick-Fil-A meal box review and I think it's worth it."

We want to thank Chick-Fil-A again for providing the meal kits. Aug. 27 you can pick one up at the counter or in the drive-through. They will be at about 150 local locations. Now, this is for a limited time only as we are serving as a test market. So get one, give them feedback. It runs through Nov. 17.

To learn more visit https://www.chick-fil-a.com