Tennis players latest victims of smash and grabs. May be a gang link

Tennis players in Atlanta become the latest victims of the crime wave dubbed smash and grabs.

At the popular Bitsy Grant Center on Northside drive, thieves unconcerned about the daylight and people coming back and forth -- have struck twice in two weeks. More than a half dozen victims. 

Stephen Clemons was playing with his daughters. When they returned to the parking lot, the kids were the first to see the broken glass and items missing from the inside. He said his upset children really bothered him.

A spokesperson for the police department called it unacceptable that thieves believe they can strike everyday, any time of day. 

Sgt. Greg Lyon says teenagers are largely behind the spike in vandalism. He also says investigators are examining whether gangs could be driving the crime. Specifically, leaders may could be giving instructions that if the teens want to obtain streets cred, they have to show they are "worthy" and break into a vehicle.