Taxi drivers hope technology can keep them safe

Some taxi companies are feeling targeted in Hall County after recent armed robberies, but they are trying to do something about it using new technology.

“We have had thefts, we even had a cab driver killed a couple of years ago,” said driver Rumin Rebollar.

Driving a taxi can be a dangerous job, according to Rebollar. She manages all 42 of Taxi El Palmar drivers in Hall County.

“It is very traumatizing for them they have gone through a situation where someone has pinpointed a knife at them or a gun,” said Rebollar.

That's exactly what happened to one of her drivers recently on West Ridge Road in Gainesville. He told officers he picked up a customer at a nearby gas station and the man cut him multiple times in the hands and chin before making off with his wallet, cell phone, and keys. Gainesville Police said they made an arrest in that case.

Police said another driver was robbed late last month.

“These are the radios that we are using,” said Rebollar showing FOX 5’s Marissa Mitchell.

Rebollar hopes the radios, equipped with GPS locators, will help keep drivers safe.

FOX 5 News has learned Fiesta Cab has also updated technology in its vehicles.

“We use codes on our radio where our cab drivers will alert us that they are in danger,” said Rebollar. “They do feel at ease they do feel safer in a way that they will get help out to them faster.”