Take an aerial tour of the Big Chicken

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It is a landmark in the metro Atlanta area and it has just gotten a massive renovation. FOX 5 News got a look at the “Big Chicken” located off Cobb Parkway unlike any other.

SKYFOX 5 Drone got up close and personal with the unique KFC restaurant that just underwent a $2.2 million spruce-up.

The Big Chicken was built back in 1963 for a restaurant called Johnny Reb's Chick, Chuck and Shake. The Colonel took over in 1974. Over the years, there have been threats to tear it down, start from scratch, or even turn into a different type of chicken, but each time residents cried fowl… erm… foul.

Along with a fresh coat of paint, KFC has completely renovated the restaurant underneath. They added a screened porch and patios to dine under the big bird. And the fans have flocked back.

SKYFOX 5 Drone got a shot of what the Big Chicken has been staring at all these years, one of metro Atlanta’s busiest intersections.

Generations of Cobb County residents have used the Big Chicken as a point of reference, as in "I live just north of the Big Chicken" or "take a right at the Big Chicken."  Legend has it pilots peered out their windows to get their bearings based on the Big Chicken below. No smaller piece of poultry, say a nugget, could possibly aid in airline navigation.

So, in the somewhat elastic lore of this 56-foot-tall mechanical cutlet, FOX 5 News is cocky enough to claim, this is the first news drone flight over the Big Chicken.