Suspects jump Atlanta officer, steal his weapon

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Police are searching for two men who are on the run after jumping an Atlanta officer and stealing his service weapon.

Officers say the two men are still out there Sunday morning, and now, they say their number one priority is getting that stolen gun back from the attackers before they use it and possibly hurt someone.

Around 9 p.m. Saturday, APD officers were called to a gas station near Campbellton and County Line roads when the clerk said two men were physically harassing him. 

"They were causing a disturbance in the store and the manager wanted them to leave and they were refusing to leave," Major Celeste Murphy said.

When officers arrived, they spotted one of the men. He was leaving the store when the officer approached him.

"The subject started a physical fight with the officer, and while he's in the physical fight with the suspect, another suspect came from behind and jumped on his back," Murphy said.

In the struggle, police say one of the perpetrators stole his weapon and fled.

Now, police want those suspects and the gun off the streets before someone gets hurt.

"Whether or not they can use the gun isn't my concern," Murphy said. "I just want to get the gun back."

Police said both men were wearing white T-shirts and dark pants. One man had dreadlocks.

The officer involved in the altercation has minor injuries including some bruises and cuts, but he is expected to be OK.