South Atlanta student graduates after life-changing wreck

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A South Atlanta High School student is set to graduate with scholarships after overcoming life-changing wreck.

Matthew Brown was a freshman when the car he was riding in flipped, landing on the side his mother was on, and severely injuring her arm.

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Brown would spend the next few years tending to his mother's recovery while trying to balance the responsibilities of school. The task of caring for his mother took a toll on his grades.

“I failed two classes and had C's on all the other ones. I ended my freshman year with a 1.2 GPA, I figured there's no coming back from that,” Brown stated. He would work his remaining three years to turn his path around.

Through hard work and determination, Brown picked up additional classes and extra-curricular activities, such as marching band and vocal lessons.

Brown is set to graduate this year with over $50,000 in college scholarships. He will attend Western New England University with plans to major in Computer Science.