Smash and grab thieves caught on surveillance video steal thousands of dollars in merchandise

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Marietta Police are investigating a smash and grab at a clothing store on Delk Road in Marietta. The owner of the store said four guys broke in at 4:30 Wednesday morning and stole thousands of dollars’ worth of clothing in less than 60 seconds.

The owner of Fly Gear ATL, Jeff Manda, showed surveillance video to FOX 5 News. It shows four men wearing hoodies and masks use a bolt cutter to smash the large front window and glass door. In the video the men go in and out of the store, grabbing armfuls of clothes and stuffing them in the trunk of their car.

"Whoever did this knew what they were doing, they had to have been in here before, they knew where everything was located," said Manda.

Manda stocks his store with clothes that are trendy, apparently too trendy for thieves to pass up. He said he works hard to get just the right styles in stock, and for thieves to come in and take anything they want is devastating.

"I have to go to Las Vegas to trade shows, keep up with the trends and take risks on bringing in merchandise and for somebody to just take it away and possibly sell it on the streets at a very low price is really insulting. Insulting to the brand, insulting to me as a businessman," said Manda.

Manda said he just opened this store this year. He's just trying to live his dream and thieves are stealing it from him.

"Five months in and this happens it's really discouraging and devastating. I just don't even know where to go from here," said Manda.