Slider theft costs motorist thousands

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The motorist said he had no idea a thief had made it inside his car.

It was the latest slider crime, this time in the city of Brookhaven.

The owner of a luxury SUV, using his first name Tom, described how on April 17, he had stopped to overnight in Atlanta traveling from Naples, Florida.

He drove to a BP and said he never left his vehicle. The service station located near an interstate was busy and road conditions were loud.

Tom said he did not hear nor see his driver side door open.

As he prepared to get back into his SUV, he says he saw a young black man looking at him. They stared at each other and then the thief sped off.

Tom has insurance for the vehicle, but at least one of the items taken he describes as one of a kind. That possession a bike worth more than $5,000.

When he tried to confront the thief, Tom thought it was time to do something tough. He wanted to open the door but the thief had locked it.

With time to reflect, Tom said, it was probably a good thing the door did not open. The car thief had friends right behind Tom in a trailing white Mercedes.