Six people taken into custody at Lithonia high school

A Lithonia high school went into lockdown early Wednesday morning. A little while later, after the lockdown was removed, four individuals were arrested in the school's parking lot in a separate incident.

A DeKalb County School District official told FOX 5 both incidents occurred at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. High School on Snapfinger Road.

First, according to DeKalb County Police, the school went on lockdown after a parent was detained for bringing a gun to campus.

The parent had a license to carry and police said they do not believe that there was ill intent.

Two people, including one student, were taken into custody in this instance, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. High School Principal Ennis Harvey told parents in a letter.

In the second incident, police took four people into custody after they received a report of a stolen vehicle in the high school's parking lot.

Harvey said that the theft happened off-campus and that police tracked the car through its onboard system.

There is no word on possible charges at this time.