Sheriff: Georgia deputy arrested in narcotics investigation

A Monroe County deputy has been arrested after officials say he was caught buying illegal drugs during a narcotics investigation.

The suspect was wearing an insignia identifying himself as a deputy during the illegal act, the sheriff said. (Monroe County Sheriff's Office)

The Butts County Sheriff's Office said the arrest came during a two-month investigation in the Worthville Community in the county on Thursday, Jan. 3.

"During this Investigation, agents received information that a deputy sheriff was purchasing illegal narcotics from the target of the investigation," Butts County Sheriff Gary Long said on Facebook. "After executing the search warrant and following through with the investigations, it was determined a Monroe County Sheriff's Deputy was the one purchasing illegal narcotics."

The sheriff says Deputy Paul "Nick" Stewart was wearing an insignia identifying himself as a deputy during the illegal activity.

On Friday, Butts County and Monroe County deputies arrested Stewart after a search warrant of the target.

"In the law enforcement profession, just as any other profession, there are always a chance of a bad seed," Long said. "In no way should the action of one bad actor dilute the good works that the other 99 percent of law enforcement across this country do daily."

Also arrested during the search warrant were Anthony Duke, Steven Duke, Charles Stewart, Meredith Galloway, and Crystal Gardnier. 

All the suspects are currently at the Butts County Jail with no bond.