Series of car break-ins reported at DeKalb County senior living facility

DeKalb County police are investigating a series of car break-ins at a senior living facility on Valentines Day.

Investigators are looking for the suspect or suspects responsible for smashing into four cars at Sterling at Candler Elderly Community.

“I came outside and said I know I didn’t leave my windows down...someone busted out the window,” said one victim.

According to the police, their car was one of four that was damaged and ransacked. In each case, the passenger window had been smashed but nothing was taken.

Fox 5 spoke to one couple who wanted to remain anonymous

“It was a disaster. I even had checks and they didn’t even touch that,” said the victim. “I don’t know what they were looking for.”

Police are now looking for the vandals. And while they didn’t steal anything, these victims are still out of the money it cost to fix it.

“It makes me really sad because these people have worked hard to retire and they can’t even do that in peace,” said one victim.