School officials: 80 high school students caught in cheating scandal

School officials in Gwinnett County have uncovered a massive cheating scandal at Dacula High School.

Gwinnett County Schools officials said about 80 students, none of them seniors, were involved. Officials said it stems from the answers to a countywide final exam being posted on social media.

The tests in question were for 10th-grade language arts, world history, and chemistry class.

School officials said they have taken disciplinary action against the students, but would not elaborate. Officials believe the answers may have been posted by another student at another school which already took the tests. No word on if any other schools are involved.

The district released this following statement regarding the allegations:

“Dacula High School addressed a cheating issue during the last week of school. It appears that answers to final exams were posted on social media and used by students. School leaders became aware of the social media postings and were able to actively review exams for potential cheating.

“Based on a preponderance of evidence, it appears that approximately 80 Dacula students used the answers posted when taking their finals. The school has addressed this issue with the students, providing them with appropriate discipline consequences. As the exams involved were for 10th grade language arts, chemistry, and world history, no seniors were involved and this did not affect graduation.”