Sandy Springs homeowners furious with serial package thief

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Homeowners in Sandy Springs say one package thief has struck so many times that he apparently has no fear of getting stopped.

One resident's frustration has boiled over, because she says she's been hit twice.

In both cases the criminal only stole small objects, but it's the criminal's attitude that's got Valerie Failla so mad.

Failla says the first time the suspect stole some fireplace tools at her Overton Hills home in early December. The second time, he grabbed some socks for Failla's husband.

Apparently he's getting picky, opening up the box on the street and discarding if it he doesn't like what's inside, leaving neighbors finding open Amazon boxes in their yards.

Not even video cameras have got the man to stop.

"The second time a package was stolen we were in a car on the way to the airport and I literally was watching the man put the package in his backpack on my doorstep," she said. "He doesn't care. He stole a package, put it right in the backpack, walked over the lawn – he doesn't even hustle!"

Police now need your help bringing the man to justice. They say even if you think it's minor, you should call so that they can get there in time to stop the man.