Ross Harris sentenced to life in prison without parole

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Ross Harris has learned his fate for the murder of his 22-month-old son.

Monday afternoon, Judge Mary Staley Clark sentenced Harris, convicted of murdering his son Cooper, to life in prison without parole, plus 32 years to serve consecutively. Those additional years stem from counts of child cruelty and Harris’ inappropriate sexting relationship with an underage girl.

Prosecutors agreed with the judge's decision saying it is an appropriate punishment for Harris’s crimes. Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds said it is not a case they consider a “victory” for his office; a little boy lost his life and prosecutors' only goal was to seek justice for Cooper Harris.

“This case we believe, and the jury I think spoke very strongly and convincingly, that they believe it as well, that this was not an accident. This was an absolute, intentional act,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds went on to call Harris's sentence “appropriate.”

"I really think it's the only sentence that reflects the verdict in this case. I don’t think you could have any other sentence that would be appropriate when somebody's been convicted of intentionally taking the life of a 22-month-old child; not only doing that, but doing it in such a painful, deliberate way,” said lead prosecutor Chuck Boring.

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