Robbery suspect killed in police shooting

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A police shooting left a robbery suspect dead and another one in the hospital.

Sources tell FOX 5 late Monday night four men tried to rob a man on DeKalb County's Candler Road.  A Clarkston Police officer happened to be working an off-duty security job at the Red Lobster right where the crime took place and saw what was going on so he tried to intervene. 

A gunfight broke out between the Clarkston officer and the suspects, during which two of the suspected robbers were hit.  

The four suspects, including the two who had been shot, then jumped in a silver Mercedes and drove south on Candler Road. A DeKalb County police officer was driving north on the same road, unaware of what had just happened. When the suspects saw the DeKalb County officer, the driver pulled off the road and ditched their car on the sidewalk in front of a Wendy's. 

An "assault-style" long gun could be seen next to their car, which appeared to have a bullet hole in the front windshield.

The four suspects ran behind the Wendy's. Two of them hopped a fence and got away, according to police, but the two that had been shot couldn't make it over. They were taken to the hospital, where one of them died. The other is expected to survive, having been shot in the foot.

The Clarkston and DeKalb County officers weren't hurt. The GBI has been called in to handle the investigation.