Residents flee apartment fire in DeKalb County

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Residents in a DeKalb County apartment complex woke up to smoke early Tuesday morning.  

Fire raced through a building at the Terra Creek apartments, spreading from one end to a middle breezeway.  

Some residents told FOX 5 they had no time to grab anything except their children, and run. DeKalb County Fire Rescue officials said one family was trapped in an upstairs unit and they were closed in by flames. Firefighters used a ladder to get them to safety.  

Two of the three children rescued are now at the hospital, being checked out.  

Other residents said they jumped through windows to escape.  

Wrapped in blankets, they watched the effort to douse the danger.  

The entire building was evacuated and four units were damaged in the blaze. Investigators said the cause of the fire is related to an electrical issue, but didn't release full details.