Residents fed up with Buckhead party house

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Residents in Buckhead are fed up after they said a house in their neighborhood is being rented out for parties.

Atlanta Police confirmed the address on Peachtree Dunwoody Road as being the one described by residents being a nuisance. The same home is listed for several hundred dollars on Airbnb, a website where people can list and rent homes. Residents and police said the home is being rented out and used for parties. One of those parties was even advertised on social media and had a coverage charge.

“It’s a residential street and to open it up for commercial purposes is not fair," said Gordon Certain, President of the North Buckhead Civic Association.



Atlanta Police said since February there have been 20 noise complaints for that address and if the level of noise was in violation of the city ordinance, they can use their discretion to ask for the music to be turned down.  If the individuals comply then officers could choose not to cite them.

“How do you get called to where there is a clear party going on that violates the noise ordinance and not issue a citation ever,” said Atlanta City Council Member Howard Shook.

Council Member Shook told FOX 5's Nathalie Pozo that he was recently made aware of the problem and immediately started working with officials to get this resolved.

“The city needed to get on top of what are obviously multiple code violations and get order restored there,” said Shook.

FOX 5 contacted Airbnb and expressed some of the residents’ concerns about the home. We received this statement:

“We have zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior and once concerns were raised, we took action. This listing was permanently removed from our community.”

Atlanta Police said Zone 2 has directed evening and morning watch to write informational reports on any police response to that address. License and permits has also been given the location information and are checking for permitting issues.