Residents debate Confederate statue in town square

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Residents in Newton County came together for a town hall meeting Monday night to discuss a Confederate statue in the Covington town square.

The question and answers session with the Newton County Board of Commissioners gave the opposition and supporters the chance to voice their opinions about the more than 100-year-old statue.

"What's next?" Newton County resident John Maxey asked. "First it's the confederate monuments, but then what? I think this one needs to stay."

"Every time I walk in the square I ask myself ‘Why that statue is still here?’" Nwaka Hughes said. "’Why is it up in a public place?’ It should be moved somewhere else. But having it here makes people feel unwelcome."

Nearly 100 people attended the meeting. Commissioners openly stated this is a tough decision one that will ultimately leave one side upset.

"Most of us have lived our whole lives here without us ever noticing it being here," Barbara Morgan said.

"Why would you want to glorify something that has brought so much pain and suffering to individuals,"Awilba Gonzalez said.

The issue will go before the board before the final decision is made.

No word on when that will be.