Records expected to be set at Atlanta's airport this Fourth of July weekend

The busiest airport in the world is preparing for what is expected to be a record-breaking week ahead for the Fourth of July.

The holiday period is set to break another record at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and airports across the country. ATL expects 2.6 million passengers to pass through the airport during the seven-day holiday travel period which starts Thursday.

"We are staffed and ready for what could be the busiest single day on record with over 103,000 passengers projected to transit our security checkpoints," said Robert Spinden, the TSA Federal Security Director for Georgia. 

This record-breaking summer season is putting Delta Air Lines to the test. After last year, the airline has hired more than 2,000 employees to get ready for this summer’s surge. Despite the preps, the big thing that can work against them is the weather.

"While we’ve seen significant improvement from our people year over year, our flight operations can still be impacted as we saw this past weekend," said Joe Miller, a Vice President of Atlanta Airport Operations at Delta.

For the most part, things have run smoothly in Atlanta this summer and travelers hope it stays that way despite the demand to travel.