Rains Wash Out Jonesboro Daycare

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Heavy rains caused the back portion of a Jonesboro daycare center to wash away.

Monday afternoon, staff at the Tylexine Early Development Center on Tara Boulevard said they heard a loud boom as the back patio crumbled and collapsed. The children at the daycare were sent home early and will now use an alternative facility until repairs are made.

The daycare's owner, Alex Gontee, said he had never seen anything like the damage before. Much of the patio area had collapsed into the ground, and the surrounding fence had also caved in. Gontee said he had no idea how much the repairs would cost, but added that he is in the process of getting estimates for the work.

Heavy rains pummeled much of the area throughout the day on Monday. For the time being, the children who attend the daycare will instead use a sister facility located in College Park.