Prowler visits north Buckhead home six times

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There is one property in Buckhead that has been visited by prowlers more than a half dozen times.

It happened again Monday morning just before sunrise. Video of the incident shows a man with his face partially covered. It is a sign he likely knows there are cameras in the carport. Still, that does not stop him from casually walking over to the door to check to see if it is unlocked.

WATCH: Prowlers try to break into cars in north Buckhead

As others have done, they do not want noise and decide to walk away.

It could be dangerous. It is a nuisance. The homeowners are alerted when their surveillance equipment senses an intrusion. And in the early hours of the morning, it is hard to get a good night’s sleep.

Atlanta Police Major Barry Shaw encourages homeowners to always call 9 1 1 even if nothing is stolen. The APD Zone 2 commander said there is a good chance the prowlers are visiting other homes, and he said patrols can be dispatched and possible check them out before they leave the area.

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