Protecting yourself from porch pirates this holiday season

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Monday was the busiest package shipping day of the year. The post office said it is the last day to mail presents in order for them to arrive before Christmas. That traditionally meant long lines at the post office.

Police are warning everyone keep a close eye on their porches. This is prime season for thieves to steal packages from your doorstep. Senoia Police arrested a man they said was stealing packages at one homeowner’s doorsteps.

Home surveillance video from a house on Middle Street in Senoia shows a man coming down the front walk to the doorstep and picking up a package. He quickly sets it down when a car passes by, but police said the video later shows him stealing the package. It is pretty clear video. So clear police said it within seconds they had identified their suspect.

“As soon as I saw the video, I immediately identified Mr. Stanley because of previous issues we’ve had with him with theft,” Lt. Jason Ercole said.

Police arrested Maricko Monte Stanley, of Senoia. He was charged with theft.

Police are recommending home surveillance video systems, for example, this homeowner got their merchandise back as a result of the police investigation.

Not only have they gotten cheaper and better, but they can also send alerts to the homeowner’s smartphone to let them know when a package has arrived. And alert residents to unwelcome visitors who might be there to take them.

And police said one of the best tools is being a good neighbor. Watching out for each in person or on neighborhood social media sites.